Friday, December 24, 2010

Well, everyone: I'm finally done!

This semester is OVER!  I ask you all to please, go back, and make sure to read that sentence in the most gleeful, relieved, exhausted tone possible, because that is how it was intended to be read.

Since finals have been over, I have been immersing myself in activities which require as little brain power as possible.  It's a luxury I've felt guilty indulging since the summer.

And so, in the last few days, my Netflix subscription has been enduring some serious abuse.  Now, I have always loved my Netflix subscription.  Love.  It is the best ten dollars I spend every month.  There are certain little quirks which I indulge, which just make me happy, and one of those is watching TV series in order.  I like doing things in order, mostly- I never actually read the 7th Harry Potter book (despite LOVING the series and having read the first 5 books over 6 times each), because when my parents wanted to give it to me, I refused to read it without re-reading the other 6 first.  I simply like doing things in the correct order.  And so, my parents refused to give me the final book in the series unless I read it on its own, and since I was honest and could not make that promise, I still haven't read the book.

That anecdote leads me to explain that I have seen every episode of The Office.  I watched each season, episode by episode, on Netflix.  I did the same with 30 Rock.  And I am now in the middle of the second season of Bones.  I am obsessed.  It is amazing.

But it is a little bit dangerous to get this engrossed in one TV program, and to watch season after season straight through.  I have become super attached to the characters.  I cried when Jim and Pam got married, and now I am making facebook statuses like
"HODGINS JUST ASKED OUT ANGELA!!! I love Bones almost as much as I love winter break... ♥"
Yeah.  Probably not healthy.

Nonetheless, my family leaves tomorrow for Florida, and I hope to include lots of pictures of our trip.  Nothing too exciting, since it's usually just us hanging out by the pool and frequenting outlet malls, but what more could you ask for on a brain-free vacation.  It's like a pullover with a stockinette body after a lace shawl.

Speaking of which... progress on Aeolian:

I am LOVING the gold and peach and clear beads against the cornflower blue of the Helen's Lace Fjord colorway.

And just for kicks, my brothers were UBER excited to model their Hanukkah gifts for me, so here are a few pics of them in their new hats! (I love how enthusiastic they are about knitwear!)

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