Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's Hanukkah!

Hello everyone!  It's been very busy for me, with finals steadily approaching, and Hanukkah already upon us! My family celebrates this holiday with potato latkes, sufganyot (jelly doughnuts), chocolate gelt, and games of dreidel.  And of course, we light the iconic Menorah, pictured above, lighting one more candle for each night.

It is a tradition for those who celebrate Hanukkah to eat fried foods, like jelly doughnuts or potato pancakes, in commemoration of the ancient story celebrated by Hanukkah.  The Ancient Maccabees revolted against the Ancient Greeks, who had dominated the Jews, outlawing religious practice.  When the Jews retook the Temple in Jerusalem (the remains of which are today known as the Western Wall), there was only enough oil in the traditional candelabra for it to burn for one night.  Miraculously, only a few drops of oil lasted all eight nights.

Today, we use candles instead of oil, and many give presents in the spirit of the greater holiday season.  But I have always loved this holiday.

And I'm just too excited to keep it in- look what I got!

Hoorah!  You can expect to see lots of sewing endeavors detailed here (after I take my sewing classes during winter break)!

I also just wanted to send you a little video which has essentially gone viral among my friends at school, and which I think is brilliant!  Happy Holidays!

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