Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Bedford Post Inn

Tonight we celebrated Thanksgiving at The Bedford Post Inn, owned by Richard Gere, and a favorite dining establishment of Martha Stewart, one of my heroes. 

photo courtesy of the Bedford Post Inn website

Eating Thanksgiving dinner in a restaurant isn't my favorite option, as in my most idyllic imaginings of this day, my favorite of the year, family and friends gather in the home.  However, the Inn was quite the second choice.

Our dinners were delicious, and the Inn was incredibly accommodating to my family's many allergies.  The farmhouse decor was marvelously beautiful, as was the town of Bedford, and I couldn't help but imagine my own sheep farm on the rolling hills of the town as we drove to supper...

Keep your eyes open... I'm very excited to announce that a new blog design, created by the wonderful BannerBlvd on Etsy, should be up soon, and I think it's going to look fabulous!

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