Friday, August 20, 2010

one month later...

I hate it when bloggers go on and on about how long it has been since they posted.  I'm not convinced that anyone even reads this anyway!  I'm in Florida with my grandma right now, just cast on yesterday for manu, which has so many tiny stitches that it's terrifying me when the pattern says "continue in this manner for 16.5 inches."  I cast on for my size, 38 inches, but I was a little bit off gauge, so I'm going to do one extra decrease and continue one size down.  I'm moving back in to school on August 29th and working hard on my knitting grant.  That's about all for now!

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faerie finder said...

love love love the jumper! ♥
for my photos, i just lessen the contrast :)
simple huh!?