Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I splurged on the simplest Netflix subscription available, which allows me to watch videos streaming on my laptop- a fabulous development when I have so much summer free time. I've been slogging through the miles and miles of miles of stockinette on my inamorata tank with a few eyelets thrown in, and worked on it while I watched Masterpiece Theater's Wuthering Heights.  It was an absolutely beautiful, incredibly well done film, and although I am of the school of ALWAYS reading the book before indulging in a motion-picture version of the tale, I am embarrassed to admit that I have not yet red Emily Bronte's novel.  As you can imagine, it came as quite a surprise to me (as I sat sobbing in the middle of the library) how utterly depressing this movie would be.  Really, really depressing.  So sad that I can barely find a song to repeat sad enough to reflect the mood that film put me in.

Good news is, Netflix also offers old episodes of Saturday Night Live for free streaming, so I will certainly be indulging in those to wipe that frown off my face.  Just wanted to check in, I have to take pictures and post progress of my tank- I will do that ASAP!  My psychology midterm is this Monday so I have been a little bit crazed about that (as you can see from all of my Netflix activity...)

I also have to add that the yarn I am using for inamorata is absolutely amazing- malabrigo silky merino in colorway cloudy sky.  It is a bright, rich sapphire with spots of white- just like a perfect sky on a summer day.  I don't love working with the yarn, I can't quite understand the cult following- but the color more than enough makes up for the texture!

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