Monday, February 15, 2010

Soft as a...

Cloud bolero 1.0 is finished, and I'm almost done with the second.

It's funny, in the middle of my first bolero, I loved the pattern so much, and was so shocked by its quick completion, that I felt the need to knit another.  There's also the scene that I kept playing in my head of going out to Valentines day lunch with my mom wearing the sweater...

"hey mom, how do you like my sweater?"
"I love it!  Where did you get such a fabulous, soft, beautiful garment?"
"I made it!"
"Wow, I am so impressed! How I wish I could have a beautiful bolero such as yours!"
"Well, dearest mother, I made one for you too!"

This is the point in my fantasy where my mom jumps out of her chair and begins to cry tears of joy at the beauty and wearability of the bolero I made her, where she is overwhelmed with just how fantastic her daughter is.

The truth is, reality rarely mirrors our fantasies exactly.  Valentines day rolled around yesterday, and I still have one more repeat and the picot bind off to do on my mom's bolero.  The good news is, I saw her for a moment, handed her a dozen pink roses- but we didn't go out to lunch.

I'll include progress pics of the sweaters (which still have to be finished) and the song that's been stuck in my head for days below.

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