Sunday, February 20, 2011

Utility vs. Impracticality

This morning I saw the following video on Etsy's blog and was amazed.

I love to admire knitting from around the world and the ways it is implemented, and the life and endeavors of Lynn Garrett (who goes by the name Biscuit Scout as a designer, after her cat, I imagine) address a question I had been struggling with since my Valentine's Day post.  Why do knitters spend so much time, money, and effort creating seemingly useless objects?

Garrett cites her 'art school days'- she explains that she is "trying to find the creativity I had when I was an art student, because then it's pure creativity that comes from inside you, and it is starting to come out, so I find that very exciting."

I have to admit, Lynn Garrett's lifestyle; waking up, making tea, and climbing back into bed with her cat and her knitting, seems like a dream come true to me.  She has found a way to take a creative passion and apply it in a way that supports her leisurely life in the country.

Perhaps for hundreds of thousands of knitters around the world knitting serves the same purpose as it does for Lynn Garrett- a creative outlet.  Even if their knitting serves no evident purpose, the created object, like the aran-knit 'sweater chair' Scout created, is comfortable and soft and an expression of inner creativity which delights the artist.  Perhaps those feelings alone are enough justification for the knitter.

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