Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

In the mood of the day, I found myself searching for some romantic knitwear designs today, and was met with quite a few designers who have brought their needles to the bedroom!

It seems as if the media has been trying to make knitting sexy for a while now, but with books like Romantic Hand Knits, Knitting Lingerie Style, Domiknitrix, and Sensual Knits, it seems like knitters are a few steps agead, have divorced themselves from the rigidity knitting was associated with in years past.  Although knitters still make socks (and the practice of sock-knitting has an almost cult-like following), making stockings is no longer a necessary part of keeping a family clothed.

By shaking off its utilitarian nature, knitting has allowed itself to encompass many more categories, to become more abstract, and to become more pleasurable during and after its creation.

It might be perplexing to people outside of the knitting world that knitters cover everything from babies to teapots to toilet paper rolls with knitting.  This practice is, admittedly, strange.  There doesn't seem to be any useful purpose to a knitted toilet paper roll cover.  However, both the creation of the piece and its existence serve to make the knitter happy.  Come on, just try and look at a toilet paper roll dressed up as sushi and frown!  It's practically impossible!

Knitting still keeps us warm in the winter and cozy at night, but it also serves a myriad of purposes fairly new to this generation.  It is a method of relaxation, a means of entertainment, a source of social interaction, and a reminder that we can produce beauty, a means of sharing our love with others, and an expression of pride in our ability to create.

My Valentine's day present to you- a few knitting pin-up girls (they could be a blog post by themselves)!

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Joanne said...

I bring needles into the bedroom. Big ones.

Happy Valentine's Day hot stuff ;)