Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow in the City

Snow in the city is always a strange and wondrous phenomenon.  The white powder is just the same anywhere in the world, but here it has an uncanny ability to muffle a concrete city, reflecting light down alleyways and streets, hiding cars in heaps next to the sidewalk, and desperately trying to keep stress-crazy workers from getting downtown to their offices.

Lucky for me, school was cancelled.  It's always strange to me that school could be cancelled here.  It's not long after the last flakes fall that armies of trucks hit the streets, carting away snow by the bucketful.  By the time I've woken up in the morning, the streets are clear, and the only indication of snow in the night is the newly white mounds lining each sidewalk.  And the slush.  Slush is the worst.  But it isn't snow.

Now I'm able to relax, wear pajamas all day, eat breakfast (and even lunch!) in bed, watch a movie, let pandora pick just the right songs, catch up on podcasts, fold my clean laundry, and work on my legwarmers.

I'm realizing now that I haven't posted knitting pictures in a long time, but now isn't the time- I just don't want to get out of bed!

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Maddie said...

Lucky you!

You are inspiring me to resurrect my short-lived knitting blog. Because starting these things at the beginning of college is an awesome choice, right? I just need to... stick with it. Maybe knit less. Or no. Spend less time on Rav!