Saturday, November 21, 2009

A New and Exciting Endeavor

I have always been afflicted with a particular personality trait which, while giving me a wealth of experience in a wide range of activities, tends to cause me to spend an enormous amount of money on activities which I will never use again.  I am what one might call an 'activity hopper.'  First it was embroidery, then it was watercolor painting, at one point I became particularly invested in learning about the slow-food movement.  The only two that have proven to have any staying power have been reading and writing, and as I haven't even been knitting a year, I would feel like a liar adding it to my 'long-standing' list.  Despite all of this, I am proud to announce my new endeavor- bread baking.  I just ordered a cookbook.  I am itching to begin.  I already bought special flour and some yeast.  I am SO ready! Of course, I have to wonder how long my obsession with yeasty delicacies will last.  Right now I envision myself baking fresh rolls every Sunday, then eating them for lunch throughout the week with a fine jam or some tuna.  The reality of this image is probably not particularly accurate.  I am sure that after a few weeks, I will be bored with bread and will have moved on to some other art, whether it be poetry or pottery.  Who knows.  My hobbies transition quickly.

As soon as the bread is baked, I will provide pictures and free samples!  Well, I can't promise the samples.  But I can promise pictures!

Also, the cookbook I ordered is this one.  I know it's all available online for free, but somehow I love the feel of flipping through a book.  Plus, who wants to get dough all over their computer while referring to the recipe!  Check out the book though!  The illustrations are great, and the recipes look delicious (and have great instructions)!  I am not a vegetarian, but all of the dishes I looked at seemed hearty and delicious- sounds good!  Plus, with a title like this, who could resist!


Anonymous said...

The book looks lovely! I look forward to seeing photos of your bread.

Littlemissloopy said...

I am the exact same way! I away jump from hobby to hobby, always thinking I'll stic with the next ine forever. Reading I will always do, but the Internet has helped me develop so many new hobbies...I always come back to knitting though. Good luck with the bread!

Merenwen said...

My mom's been baking bread a lot. And trust me, it's a lot nicer than grocery store bread. Good luck! :)